Reserve Your AIRPod

Delivery continental USA. : The purchaser will pay shipment from the manufacturing plant to their destination. Once negotiations on the location of the first plant are completed and announced, you can request a shipment/freight estimate at

We might be able to reduce the UPS freight estimates if we ship a container load of AIRPods to the same destination within a 100 mile radius.

Production in Europe is schedule for first quarter 2019. For US buyers, estimated delivery for those who paid their deposits, is the second half 2019.

Sale Price: 
AIRPod Cargo $9,520
AIRPod Standard $10,880
AIRPod Baby $8,160

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    I would like to reserve a golf cart or an AIRPod vehicle, and agree that I must pay a deposit of $1,000.00 (USD) to secure my vehicle. When I click SUBMIT I will be forwarded to PayPal to complete payment of my deposit. I will be notified by email as to the estimated delivery date and I will be placed on the Priority List for delivery.

    However, you can also reserve an AIRPod without a deposit but you will be on a non-priority list. Your AIRPod will be received on a first paid first served basis.

    Last but not least, for the moment, we are not equipped to provide regular updates on the status of production. If you want to be kept informed of our progress, please check our website regularly. Also, please do not send emails requesting updates. However, you may continue to send emails to be in our database.

    Check here if you accept the above terms.