Shiva Vencat, CEO of Zero Pollution Motors, LLC, age 59, is an entrepreneur.  For the past ten years he has been the MDI’s United States representative bringing with him over fifteen years of experience in green business including housing, agriculture, energy and automobiles. His earlier career interests included the hospitality industry as Director of Club Med Mauritius, commodities trading and innovative management.

Ethan Tucker has been working in the movie industry for twenty years, as a producer and screenwriter. He was Director of Development for producer John H. Williams (Shrek, On the Road, Seven Years in Tibet) at Vanguard Films. Currently, Ethan is working on a feature film project about inventor Nikola Tesla.

Kevin Haydon is a marketing consultant and editor with 25 years experience creating marketing strategy and campaigns for for technology, healthcare and non-profit organizations. He specializes in online presence and content marketing.