FreeBee is a proposed membership short term car rental service. The service will offer an AIRPod fleet as a green alternative car rental providing ultimate  convenience to its members, such as the possibility to pick-up, return and park the vehicle in any legal parking venue in the participating cities.

FreeBee will be launched as soon as AIRPods become available to addresses many of the current car industry challenges such as fuel efficiency, low emissions, urban congestion and  alternative modes of ownership.

FreeBee  service is designed for city, short duration rentals (average rental duration is estimated at 2-3 hours).  The service is characterized by its convenience, flexibility and simplicity with: [a] the possibility to pickup, return and park on any legal parking spot available vehicle anywhere in the city, [b] an all-inclusive low  rental fee (estimated at $8 per hour) with a $50.00 yearly membership, [c] mobile phone and internet reservation, and [d] Smart cards allowing members to access and start cars.

Visit the FreeBee site for more information.